Get the Right Things Done with this easy method

This method of planning, is the key to getting the right things done during my work week. It help me choosing the right things to do, and not just the easy ones. And it helps me FOCUS so that I actually get things done.

There are two major inspirations behind my planning process:

  1. Reading David Allens Getting Things Done was life changing to me
  2. The “Productivity Planner” by Intelligent Change took my weekly planning got to a whole next level. If you prefer the an analogue style I definitely recommend this book.

But, since I love the additional productivity hacks a digital platform gives me, I created my Right Things Planner in Trello and then tweaked it over the years.
So, for this I have created a Planner template based on my board, feel free to copy and get started.

The method is as simple as it is genius.


Every time you come up with a task, write it down on your ToDo list.  

Every week

First thing Monday morning; Look at your list, your email, your calendar, and any other places you may have tasks hidden and define your most important tasks in the following three groups:

  1. Most important
  2. Second priority
  3. Additional tasks

There should be no more than 5 tasks in each group.
(Tip: Open up my planning card and see my checklist for where to look for the right tasks for the week)

I always ask myself; Which tasks create the most value if I complete them? It is not about what you want to do or what you can get done as quickly as possible, but which tasks YOU are best suited to do!

These tasks I put on my “This Week” list. This is the only list I’m going to focus at this week. Remember to take into account the time you have available; do not plan for more than you could possibly do. It’s a lot more motivating to start your weekend on Friday with an empty list than one you’ve got half done because you were completely unrealistic when you made your plans. 

Every day

Every morning you look at your plan and choose a maximum of 5 tasks. Remember to check your calendar to make sure my plan is realistic according to time available to do actual work. Then move the right tasks to the Today section in the order of priority.

One tip for defining the most important task is to ask yourself which task is the most painful? Maybe you postponed it for a long time? Is there anyone waiting for your delivery? I’m sure you know what’s most important to do, it’s just that sometimes we choose to ignore it and pick the easy ones. 

Do it!

 If you have followed this method then you have just made a plan for the right things to do this week and you should be all set for a super productive week.

Just one last thing, there is one important rule; the tasks must be done by priority. So do not start with the extra tasks because they are the most fun or the easiest. Start with the most important, because it is .. the most important!! I hope you will have the most productive week you’ve had in a long time!  

Happy planning!

P.S. I’d love to hear how the planning goes and if you have suggestions on improvements.

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